Kemetrix - K-O-T-G

Daterape - Flight 22 / POM01,5 / 1994
produced by Erdem Tunakan, Umberto Gollini and Patrick Pulsinger.

For POMCAST 10 we have for you a brilliant dj-set by Constantin Zeileissen! As half of Microthol and HaZe Factory Constantin produces analogue Electro and House masterpieces, as DJ he usually bangs out wicked Techno, like in this set. Enjoy!

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Our 9th Pomcast is by none other than Brendon Moeller, whose ‘Reconcile’ 12” will hit the stores on November 18, 2013!   Enjoy this brilliant diverse selection brought to you by a master of his craft!

demdike stare - eulogy
Elec. PT.1. - Drei Chinesen mit dem Acidbass
rockmaster scott - the roof is on fire (break dancers)
seesselberg - overture
harmonious thelonious - the grasshopper was the witness
minilogue - clouds and water (rrose remix)
herva - snow and clouds
randomer - bring
nautillus - sabbath
aubrey - retreat
kessel - sphere of influence
acronym - river red gum
shawn o’ sullivan - piquette plant
arcanoid - stratosphere
nubian mindz - new me (aardvarck remix)…rmacy.echologist

OUT November 18, 2013 on 12” VINYL & downloads

Out soon RECONCILE by Brendon Moeller